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The new FotoSlovo Issue is an exploration the enduring appeal of black and white photography and the unique strength it continues to wield!
"Gypsies fascinated me first of all with their music. If you listen to it, you will understand why I was photographing gypsies all my life!"
"For me, a successful photo is the one that calms, gives a sense of peace. Makes you be kind and gentle."
Third Issue of FotoSlovo magazine we devoted to such branch of photography as Fine Art!
"In the fusion of the past and the future, reality and symbol, is where my family exists. A passing perspective of the past and unpredictability of the future - these difficulties created by time sway on their faces just like the shadows of the leaves of a large oak. "
For the whole world, Vivian Maier was just an ordinary nanny and housekeeper. Her talent as a photographer was recognized only after her death in 2009. This discovery has become one of the most significant events in the world of photography.
Her style makes impression.. Sarah Moon transferred the mark of French impressionism of the early 20th century into her photographs, which became her trademark.
Brazilian documentary photographer and one of the greatest photojournalists in the world. Salgado's lens caught the poor workers of South America, starving Africa and pristine not touched by human places of the planet.
The fourth issue of FotoSlovo Magazine: Street photography, Masters of the genre and history of it, new names.
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Every day millions of photographs appear in the world. This happens due to the availability of technologies, nowadays everyone can make a good picture with one click of a button. But there is a thin line between millions of usual images and images that become a masterpiece in photography.
FotoSlovo is all about images that became an Art. Readers will find examples of such creative works in different styles. Our website will help everyone to develop the capacity to differentiate ordinary photographs from masterpiece. This skill will help in the professional growth of amateur photographers and will teach to develop taste and creativity.

Thanks to modern digital technologies and software, absolutely everyone has the opportunity to engage in visual creativity. And not only in a static photography, but in the fields of video content and multimedia. Those areas will become popular with the development of digital instruments, and has great prospects in the future. FotoSlovo makes it possible to be aware of new trends in all creative directions.
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