Provence Festival of Photography

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In Europe people love photography and photographers.. And express their love with enormous amount of photo contests, festivals and art events.
This summer FotoSlovo visited one of such festivals in the south of France, in the small town of Pierrevert.
Les nuites de photographiques de Pierrevert (The Nights of Photography, Pierrevert) has been going on for 11 years already.
During the year, photographers send appl
ications for participate in the festival competition (it's free), the jury selects the best series of works and invite photographers to come in the summer. And then the most interesting begins :)
Photographers live at houses of organizers of the festival, dinner with their families and generally immerse themselves in the measured Provencal life of the bourgeois.
At night the whole town gathers for screenings of photographs on a large screen. And viewers vote for those works they liked the most.

Majority of the festival employees do this for free, for the love of photography and already know different aspects of photography very well.
In the afternoons there are excursions to the surroundings and exhibitions of famous photographers, parties and many other events. The 4-day festival program is very busy.
The Festival selects some of the photographers for exhibitions in different places of the city, it could be a small church in a picturesque garden, a golf course, a city hall or a trendy bar.

Each year, the Festival invites stars of photography. Couple of years ago it was Sebastiao Salgado, this year Marco Glaviano, a classic fashion photographer who shot all the 2000s supermodels for glamorous magazines. Marco met young photographers, gave several master classes and joked a lot. Also there were portfolio reviews with publishers, gallery owners and people from the media who gave practical advices on promoting the work to photographers.

We were proud to see that there were many Russian photographers at the festival, moreover, young ones! Part of their work we published on our Instagram and below in the gallery.

So we in FotoSlovo advise our readers to follow the festivals, contests and not be afraid to send applications for participation! Soon we will publish a list of the most interesting photo festivals on our website.
Anya Miroshnichenko
Valentin Sidorenko
Ksenya Sidorova
Anna Lazareva
Ema Cherchi
Marina Balakina
Author Anna Laza
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