Fubiz Media - one of the largest online platforms that provides information on the latest news in the field of photography, design and video.
Over the past 12 years, Fubiz has grown from a student project to an international business with more than 30 million visitors annually. With followers on Twitter and Facebook, the total audience of Fubiz exceeds 200 million people.
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Most of people get surprised to know that the creator of the platform is the young French Romain Colin. Romain Colin @romaincolin and his team amaze with their ability to find talents and inspire the audience every day.

Romain Colin
Romain launched Fubiz in 2005 with the idea of gathering in one place the best of all creative professions, either photography, design or video. As a student at ISCOM Paris (Institute for Advertising and Public Relations), Romain launched the Fubiz project to stand out on the labor market when graduating from the university. Addicted to digital culture and art in all its forms, he was searching for photographs and creative projects from around the world and was publishing them on Fubiz website every single day. By creating the first unified platform in the creative field, Fubiz quickly attracted the attention of the public and gathered a huge audience.
"This project exceeded all my expectations: it became a source of inspiration for many creative people and large companies. Exclusive brands are now contacting us for collaboration"- says Romain
Such brands as Samsung, LVMH, Chanel, Audi, Nespresso ask Fubiz team to promote their commercials. Now Fubiz has offices in Paris, New York, London, and even their own FubizTV television.

That's how a small project of a young student Fubiz has turned into one of the most influential media platforms. Therefore, it is so important to believe in your projects and be consistent in achieving goals, no matter how ambitious they may be.
The Fubiz team continues to search new talents around the world and publishes photographs of both unknown photographers and eminent brands on their platforms.
You can attract their attention by tagging on your photo on instagram #fubiz and possibly the creative team will publish your work on one of their platforms.

You can easily spend all day on their website, the content is very interesting and every day something new appears. If you have lost inspiration or want to know about the latest trends in any field of art, then it's worth to look http://fubiz.studio and http://www.fubiz.net
On Fubiz website there are artistic works of any direction, from food to travel photography.
Author Anna Laza
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