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Bruce Weber is an American fashion photographer and movie director. He is best known for shooting advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren and Abercrombie & Fitch. He shoots for Vogue, GQ, Elle and Rolling Stone. It is difficult not to notice the Maestro's special attitude towards the strong sex: women look natural in his pictures, while men are always surrounded by a halo of mystery, a certain detachment and even sublimity.

Critics wrote about his genius work: "God created Adam, but only Bruce Weber gave him a body". It was he who pioneered the idea of exposing athletes for advertising campaigns.
"Sometimes we take photos of people we can't become ourselves"
- Bruce Weber

Bruce Weber was born on March 29, 1946 in Greensburg (Pennsylvania, USA). Today he is still full of energy and creative enthusiasm, in the works of the genius of fashion photography there is something that is often so lacking in modern gloss: naturalness and spontaneity, sensuality and eternity...

Bruce Weber started his career not as a photographer, but as a fashion model! According to him, he wanted to see the photographer's profession from the inside, to see how people he admired work. And there was really something to see - he had shootings with Richard Avedon himself. Having gained experience, Weber began to photograph, but his path to the photographic Olympus was not always strewn with roses — he had to push his elbows pretty hard.

The first person to recognize him as a talented photographer was photographer Diane Arbus: "I met Diana when I was in a lot of trouble and she was one of the few people who liked my photos."
"No one liked my pictures, no one could understand why I was photographing men."
In the late 1970s he did his first fashion shoot, which landed on the cover of an issue of GQ.

In 1978 a major American department store chain signs a contract with Weber and he begins shooting for the "Bloomingdales" catalog.
A still from the photo shoot that led Bruce Weber to success. In 1983, he took photos for an ad for Calvin Klein men's underwear. According to American critics it remains to this day the best lingerie photo advertisement in the world.
In 1998 and 2003 Weber was shooting for the Pirelli calendar.
He prefers black and white or tinted images, and avoids static photos with a carefully considered composition. The most important thing for him is to convey the dynamics and truthfulness of what is happening. The models on the images look natural, they are beautiful and sexy, and the photos have so much charm and emotion that they seem incredibly alive.

Dogs in the frame and water have also become the photographer's signature.
"I started shooting my dogs to distract attention from clothes. Sometimes it was just terrible,"- admitted Weber. Animals became as recognizable an element for him as men in underwear. If there is a golden retriever in the picture, then with a 90% probability it is one of Weber's five dogs. The love for animals was such that the photographer even contributed to the design of accessories for Shinola dogs.
Weber often shoots celebrities, including Madonna, Justin Timberlake and many others. His works are published in Andy Warhol's Interview magazine.

Bruce Weber is the author of 16 books on fashion photography. He also directed six films: "Broken Noses" (1987) about teenage boxers, "Let's get Lost" (1988) about jazz musician Chet Baker, short films "Backyard Movie" (1991) and "Gentle Giants" (1995), a documentary about jazz and travel "Chop Suey" (2001) and "Letter to the Truth" (2004). "Let's Get Lost" was nominated for an Oscar for best documentary, and the film "Chop Suey" won a special Teddy prize at the 2001 Berlin Film Festival.
In the 1990s Bruce Weber worked extensively with the Pet Shop Boys band. He directed three music videos for them: "Being Boring", "Se a vida" and "I Get Along". The "Being Boring" video was banned for airing on American MTV as being too explicit. Check this video below.
Text Anna Laza
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