Randez West II

Randez West II (b.1992) is a self-taught photographer raised in Paterson, NJ and currently based in Brooklyn, NY. West's work, influenced by documentary and portraiture photography, is a depiction of the elusive narrative that is contemporary culture.

Focusing on both the community he's from, as well as, the community he's currently residing in, he explores the diverse dynamic differences and similarities in each area. Over the last 10 years, West has explored different avenues of photography allowing his passion to guide him in the right direction.
While on set one day, I was handed a camera and asked to be back up photographer and the passion was sparked.

West began his career in photography assisting photo shoots in 2012. Assisting would lead West in the direction of the studio for the years to come practicing both editorial and portraiture photography.
In 2014, while at a Schoolboy Q concert, West had his camera with him and was compelled to photograph the show. This would open up a door to a whole new world of experiences for West in the form of concert photography. Photographing artists such as Rich the Kid, Lil Uzi Vert, Pharrell, Juvenile and many more over the years. West would go on to document music festivals such as Afropunk (NYC), Rock The Bells(NYC), A3C (Atlanta), Mad Decent (Philadelphia) and SXSW (Austin) in his early years of photography.
In 2018, West would start to stray away from concert photography and begin anew. The first change was a shift from digital to analog. West wanted to take a step forward with his craft and begin mastering the art of making photographs on film, processing film in the darkroom and making prints. So, he went to the local thrift store, purchased a film camera for $15 and began learning from his mistakes. West always enjoyed street photography, but would hesitate at the idea of actually being a street photographer. That was the next change, West went into the streets and learned how to become a visual narrator.
Over the next years, West would move into Brooklyn and continue his journey as an artist and photographer, documenting the changing landscape of his hometown, as well as, the lives of Black Americans in Brooklyn. With the aim of preserving a sense of community and history, West uses his camera to shine Light on these fleeting moments of life and inspire the next person to follow their path.
Text Anna Laza
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