Instagram selection #3

Ghosts, enigmas and surrealism fill our selection of Instagram accounts.
Welcome to the world of Fine Art!

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"Everything that we perceive intellectually around us are objects. Photography allows me to plunge into this inner world, where objects can tell about his creator," says Anastasia Kolesnichenko. And her meditative photos speak for themselves.
The famous artist Oleg Dou combines art photography and computer graphics in his works. It is worth noting that the artist's works have a strange peculiarity: among people versed in art, there are those who are delighted with Oleg photography, and there are those who can't stand them.

Picturesque and poetic images are the reality of photographer Sergey Neamoscou, who shoots through the prism of his emotions.
Photographer Anya Miroshnichenko creates her own universe with her ideas about what is beautiful.
A young Polish photographer works more often in black and white documentary style, his images can be compared with Antoine D'Agata and Jacob Sobol. But the main object of Igor's photographic research is himself - this is how he expresses modern trends formed under the influence of social networks.