"Not everyone survived"

Moscow artist-caricaturist Andrei Bilzho, self-described as an essayist and brain-connoisseur took out a patent for his 'sketched anecdotes' in the 1990-s and made his main character 'Petrovich' a brand comparable to "vodka, balalaika or babushka". Today Petrovich is a character of its own cartoons, books and computer games. There is even a bronze monument in Venice dedicated to him - in his hands he duly holds a bottle of vodka and a shot.
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Bilzho's ironic sketches' object-matter traditionally is the prosy reality: hypocritic politicians, here-and-now trends and ethereal Russian psyche. Today, when political slogans' fresh strain is being sidelined by COVID-19 pandemia let's take a look at the most notable statements by the Russian visual artist.

While being quick on his cartoons last time Bilzho spoke-up was on his appearance at 'The Insider' media outlet in December 2018 which is quite well-known for its investigative content. We should give Bilzho a credit where due the height of public condemnation of the state's anti-virus policy he preferred to not be among those throwing stones and simply bolstered up his compatriots at radio station's program 'Culture shock' regarding the topic 'In-home culture: how not to barbarize in the self-isolation era'.

-Your nationality? -Petrovich!!!
-Here you will pick up missing votes…
In 2019 Andrei Bilzho launched the book 'Not everyone survived'. It is a collective of the humorous stories you can't help laughing at. Bilzho makes use of substantial fun's feature: telling the truth and fighting injustice. In a manner similar to fools telling the King ugly truth through the seemingly inoffensive anecdotes, there are no taboos for Bilzho. He is fearless and unhampered by restrictions in his ways to make fun of the law, politics and current tragic realities. Thus, he demonstrates how absurd yet touching our life is, says the editor of publishing house 'Eksmo' Tatiana Timakova.

Psychologist and Doctoral Degree in Medicine Bilzho has always been open-minded, his graphic style has repeatedly gone through changes as sketches turned to image multiplication and his talent has found different expressions through radio and TV. As a visual artist Bilzho achieved the title of honor by Russia's Designers Association, Union of Russian Artists, Academy of Graphic Design and Russian Academy of Arts. He also succeeded at monetizing the 'Petrovich' brand by taking on the role of restaurateur.
'Success for me is defined by several people whose opinion I really value. So when success disappears… I have experienced such a loss, I have gone through such periods. Leaving 'Kommersant' and 'Izvestiya' magazines was tough. I felt I was losing something significant, public image if you want to call it..
Success is quite subjective. I would rather call it the state of being relevant. Not being relevant means being irritable and hateful towards the world around you despite having a car and a countryhouse.'
'Kommersant', September 2013

Text by Anastacia Tynes-Kovalevskaya
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