Walking in Paris

September 2021
Autumn in Paris.. If you have few free days in the French capital, then of course, it is better to devote them to long leisurely walks. In the beginning of autumn, there are numerous festivals, open exhibitions, galleries and picnics all over the city.

There is a specific place with its own vibe, It is well known to the French people, but little known to tourists. It's the Valmy embankment in the 19th arrondissement (Qual de Valmy). From the first warm spring days until late autumn, Parisians come here to make picnics with friends by the water.
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The best thing is to get off at the Republique metro station and start walking from the Canal Saint-Martin Pont D'amelie, climbing up the Seine embankment to Bassin de la Villette. There will be many cafes, a cinema and improvised exhibitions with a small pond on this walk.

In general, photography in Paris is promoted everywhere: in museums, galleries, exhibition halls and even in hairdressers and bars.
So, walking along the embankment, we came across a cafe with a curious exhibition inside. Entrance to such exhibition bars is free and you can have a great time enjoying the proximity of water on a hot day and find out what's new in the photography industry and media. We enjoyed how the author mixed a video installation, a photo and a drawing in his work. In a rebellious spirit, which correlates very well with the local public. Excellent work of the exhibition organizer!

In general, the exhibition organizer or curator is quite an interesting position, there are not so many serious universities teaching this in Russia yet. The curator of the exhibition needs to understand how this or that work will look in the place, with a certain audience, what kind of music will match the mood, how best to present this or that work..

There is also a lot of street art in the district, which looks harmoniously in the area. Street artists often draw something new, so you can come here regularly for a portion of inspiration.

There is also a wonderful bookstore near the embankment with photo albums and rare editions, here you can spend a couple of hours flipping through albums. Next to the MK2 cinema, films with English subtitles are often shown, so you don't have to worry if you don't speak French.
Text Anna Laza
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