Mario Sorrenti

Mario Sorrenti is a world famous American fashion photographer of Italian origin, famous for his candor and laconic simplicity of photography. Thanks to the many shots of nude models, he is known as the "photographer who undresses". He is the author of the 2012 Pirelli calendar.

Mario Sorrenti's works are distinguished by a rich color palette and exquisite black and white images. The photographer gets inspiration from travels, where he never leaves the camera rest. Mario also learned to look for inspiration among masterpieces of art of the past - his father was an artist, and there were a significant number of painting albums with high-quality reproductions in the house since he was a child.
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"I always like to meet the people I'm going to photograph. I need to have a conversation. I need to feel a vibe. I need to see what's going on in the person. I'm not just interested in physical beauty. I really need a personality."
Mario Sorrenti
Mario was born in Naples in 1971. When he was 10 years old, he with parents, sister Vanina and brother David moved to New York. At the age of 17, David Sorrenti became interested in photography. The hobby was a success: the young photographer laid the foundation for a new direction in photography - the so-called "heroin chic". In the early 90s, the unhealthy thinness and paleness, haggard faces of models became extremely popular. But David Sorrenti did not live to see the moment of his fame - he passed away at the age of twenty. Mario became interested in photography during his brother's life, but his work gained fame only after David's death.
His first serious experience was shooting an advertising campaign for Calvin Klein Obsession. Seventeen-year-old Kate Moss, who was then an aspiring model and the girlfriend of a twenty-one-year-old photographer, was invited to the photo session as the face of the fragrance.

The shooting took place on the island without a team of makeup artists and stylists. The model and the photographer were alone, so the photo session became a natural expression of the feelings of young people in love.
We can say that Mario Sorrenti and Kate Moss laid the foundation for their success together, but their paths soon parted. In 2011, Mario and Kate will meet again, starring together for the cover of Purple Fashion Magazine. Having caught his luck then on the islands, Mario Sorrenti remains devoted to his principle of laconic simplicity and rarely violates it. His albums are filled with pictures of naked models and celebrities, but these pictures are always noble in their simplicity.
Nowadays Mario Sorrenti is actively shooting for Vogue, Another Magazine, W Magazine, makes advertising campaigns for Dior, Max Mara, Marc O'Polo and other famous brands.

In 2004 an exhibition of his works was held at the New York Museum of Modern Art. In 2008 Sorrenti was awarded the 2008 Martell Artist of the Year. Mario Sorrenti's work has become part of many important public and private collections, including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the New York Public Library and the National Portrait Gallery (London). He has an exclusive contract with the Art Partner agency (
An exhibition of photographs by Mario Sorrenti, taken for the Pirelli calendar-2012, was held in Moscow at the Moscow Multimedia Art Museum in 2012.
Below is a series of previously unpublished photographs from the first shooting of a young photographer and then unknown model.
Author Anna Laza
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