Paris photobook fairs

Europeans love to spend long hours in bookshops and galleries flicking through photo albums and rare editions. It's part of European way of lifestyle :)

At the end of March we visited one of the most famous bookshops in the centre of Paris. It is called Ofr. Librairie, Galerie and specialises in photo albums, rare photobook editions and photography literature. There is also a small gallery inside with permanent exhibitions of photographers. The venue is recommended by Condé Nast Traveler, which in itself says a lot.
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Europe has long been a trendsetter in photobook tendencies. Today bookshops in European cities are very well developed where you can find rare and interesting books from every sphere of art and photography.

On the website of the European Federation of Booksellers you can see the following quote: "There is no place quieter than a bookshop".
That's the basis for the promotion of intellectual culture in Europe. European book societies and associations are very strong, they actively fight for their rights and wrestle their piece of the budget pie from the state. Spending on literature varies from country to country in Europe, but as a rule, it is still in second place - after cinema and theatre, which are traditionally considered the most expensive parts of financing culture.
Ofr. Librarie promotes the idea of intercultural dialogue, they are constantly expanding their range and are responsive to customer tastes and new trends in photography. The albums are not cheap (the average price is 50 Euros per edition), but you don't have to always buy them; instead, you can examine them for free - no one will kick you out. In Europe it is common to read wherever you like, so some visitors sit right on the floor in the corner barricaded with photo albums :)
This time our interest was attracted by the albums with photos from the 80s, where you find out see how punk culture developed.
At the same time, there was an exhibition of abstract photography going on in the gallery inside the shop. A great place for a solo exhibition! Keep an eye out for places like this, the price might be symbolic, but they are regularly visited by art curators.
Author Anna Laza
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