Marina Bulduk

My name is Marina Bulduk, and I'm a street photographer. Originally I'm from Belarus but have been living in Istanbul for several years.
I am fairly new to photography - before I used just to take photos for myself (trips, friends, family, simple things). But close people always were telling that my photography is good. The framing gave people an interesting perspective on things they'd have never noticed otherwise. Thus, at the beginning of 2018 I went to the basic course of photography... and I have been down the rabbit hole ever since.
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My motto is CARPE DIEM which means seize the moment. That's why street photography became my great passion in life!
As the result, I left my stable office job to become a freelance photographer. Not all, but many people called me crazy that time because they couldn't imagine a person with three university degrees working as a photographer. But I never had any doubts on this, my only regret was that I took my first candid photo only at the beginning of 2018 and I wish I had discovered it earlier.
I try to catch some moments of everyday life of Istanbul in artistic way and I love experimenting with my camera trying to create something special out of nothing. I'm quite obsessed with silhouettes, geometry and shadows. Well, also I love minimalism in photography, although it's not what I'm good at. But I'm working on it!
If to name artists that inspired the formation of my style, which I describe as chaotic, definitely it'd be Kazimir Malevich!
I had a specific photo session and I used some of his not known works as the main source of inspiration. Later I noticed that deep study of his Art made me obsessed with geometry in street shootings.
I'm deeply in love with street photography because it is unpredictable. It's a challenge. Leaving your home you have no idea what you might catch during your street shootings.
I love the black-and-white photography of Sebastiao Salgado. For me his series "Workers" is a Masterpiece. For portraits definitely it's Peter Lindbergh. And I love Rodney Smith as well. Then there are hundreds of talented photographers whom I follow in Instagram.
Letting go and being present in the streets is such a liberating feeling. You're capturing fleeting moments that will never occur the same way again. With street photography you learn to appreciate those little things and details that are always around us but are usually taken for granted..
Text Anna Laza
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