Centre de Pompidou and Library

November 2020
In a cloudy weather we wanted to see more bright colors and get new impressions, so FotoSlovo team decided to see what's new at the Center Pompidou.

It is located at the same metro station as the European House of Photography, near the Hotel de Ville and is one of the three most visited places in Paris. The Center is dedicated to the study and support of contemporary art of the 20th century in its most diverse forms (visual arts, photography, dance, music, etc.)
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Even the building itself looks more like a glass multi-colored metal parallelepiped, although it was built in 1977.

The collection of the Center has almost 60 thousand artworks by more than 5 thousand artists and the collection is constantly expanding. Absolutely all types of contemporary art are represented here: painting, sculpture, design, photography, architecture, video, performances and installations.
Even if you are skeptical about non-standard, contemporary forms of art, here you can explore the works of the great Masters of the last century as well. And these are Picasso, Matisse, Duchamp, Kandinsky, Chagall and many, many others.
The Center attracts tourists not only with its extravagant appearance and great expositions. There are five floors, two of which are almost entirely given over to the richest public library with millions of books, DVD, video files and movies. There is even literature in Russian, but you can get new knowledge only within the Center, you won't be able to take anything home, but the experience is definitely interesting :)

The purpose of our visit is located on the upper floors of the Center. The stunning exposition covers the period from 1914 to the present day. Contemporary visual arts can be truly exciting!
At the entrance there are several book shops with a very rich collection of a wide variety of photo albums and zines, here you can easily hang out for a full day. The creativity of photo books is really inspiring. You can find something for every taste and budget.

A creative atmosphere just reigns around the Center. On warm weather artists, traveling circus performers, musicians and photographers often gather on the Pompidou square. Near the extravagant Stravinsky fountain, the Center regularly hosts theater festivals and performances.
Author Anna Laza
Website of the Centre de Pompidou
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