K21. Dusseldorf

June 2020
Today we will tell about a rather unusual museum, which we were lucky to visit before the lockdown in Dusseldorf. Museum K21. The art collection of northern Germany Kunstsammlung is two museums and two buildings, briefly named as K20 and K21.

K21 (Kunst is art in German) is dedicated to 21st century art. Here you can get acquainted with photographs by Andreas Gursky, sculptures by Thomas Schütte, as well as Ilya Kabakov, Juan Munoz, Michelangelo Pistoletto and other famous artists.
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The classic exterior of the building contrasts quite strongly with that presented inside. Outside, it is a classic building with a cozy park and a small pond in front of it.
Inside -provocative works and installations. Have to note that K21 is a museum of contemporary art only! That is, you should not expect anything else from visiting it, except for "incomprehensible" sculptures, canvases, scary installations and objects.
Was a pleasure to check the large installation of the Chinese artist Cao Fei, for which the museum gave an entire floor. Her work widely reflects the social and urban situation of modern China, characterized by the processes of global urbanization.

Her work puts such a questions: "How do we experience our own lives? What are our expectations for the future? In what direction is society moving, and where we are going?"
On the top floor of the museum is an incredible installation of the Argentine artist Tomas Saraceno, which you can't not enjoy.. :)

A metal web is stretched under a glass dome at a height of more than 25 meters. The installation looks like a surreal landscape and covers an area of 2500 m². This all forms a multi-level space, inside of which there are huge transparent and mirror balls resembling planets. Everyone is given overalls and the opportunity to walk around this art object.
Visitors on the network seem like soaring in the sky from the first floor. As soon as several people enter the orbit at the same time, it begins to move, changing the tension of the steel cables and the distance between the three levels of the grid. The floating space now becomes a vibrating web.
Author Anna Laza
of K21
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