Anonymous Project

The Anonymous Project goal is to collect, scan and catalog color photographic negatives and slides over the past 70 years.
Since the early 1950s, when color photography prices dropped to the level of which became available to non-professionals, before the advent of digital cameras, color photography has become the main way of photographing everyday life. Not only weddings and graduations or birthdays, but all other events have come to spotlight - friends, families on vacation, parties and much more.

Life caught in the dense colours of Kodachrome. These amateur photographs - a kaleidoscopic diary of that era, even more exciting and inspiring because of its excellent quality. This project was shown at the Rencontres d'Arles exhibition this year.
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The magic of color photography is that when chemicals on film coil are exposed to light, color is created.

The problem is that these chemicals degrade over time, and ultimately will disappear on the image. Most color negatives will not live till even 50 years old. Unless urgent action is taken, this colourful piece of our collective memory, artefacts of everyday life, from the 50s to the digital age will disappear completely.
Through these images, we learn that despite of skin color and class differences, our need for love, laughter, intimacy and feast is what binds us all together.
Why "The Anonymous Project"?

The word "anonymous" was chosen because the names of the people on the images, and the names of those who took these pictures will never be known. And it doesn't matter.

This project is not about a single person or a particular photographer seeking how to express himself. Almost all these photos were taken for personal usage to enjoy a moment in time. Often these amateur photos are technically imperfect - like life itself - and yet they are charming because of their disadvantages. This project is like finding disappearing pages from anonymous diary and placing them in a time capsule for future generations.
Author Anna Laza
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