Exhibition "Visibility"

August 2021
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On 4-6 June the exhibition «Visibility. Why do we not know great women» took place in the Sevkabel Port gallery, Saint-Petersburg.

The aim of it was to emphasize the invisible status of women in art history and science, which is being kept by them over the many years. To maintain this aim, curators were to make the modern female artists' works visible.
During the exhibition were raised the very actual issues, concerning nowadays modern female artists, and found out what is important for them to tell to their predecessors. Moreover, artists strived to clear up the reasons for the gender gap in art and science.
Installation by Ira Brana
During several days of the exhibition many fascinating lectures were held, including by documentary researcher and photographer Maria Gelman, astro observer Ekaterina Shmaylova, a performance by dancer Alina Sakhnevich and many other cultural events.
The exhibition showed the works of female artists: Ira Brana, Lilya Kim, Ksenia Kangina and Ksenia Kudrina, «Khochu byt' Sokovym» (I want to be Sokov), Liudochka Novoselova, Natalia Ershova, Anna Lazareva, Anastasia Bratkova, Aizhan Saganaeva, Ekaterina Ashitkova, Elizaveta Zalieva, Evgeniya Bova, Nadezhda Demkina, Maria Dmitrieva, Asya Bobritskaya, Alyona Starkova, Maria Meltsaeva, «Roza Peremen» (the Rose of Changes), Karina Rossius, ayavidlay, Nadia Lure, Masha Shprayzer, Katarina Lav, Katerina Tikhomirova, Ekaterina Zhingel, Olga Boytsova, Dina Murzayeva, postpast_ art group (Ekaterina Yudayeva, Yulia Alentyeva, Kristina Yeremenko).

The curators of this large-scale and interesting project were: Nemtsova Danaya, Pozdeeva Anna, Antipina Katya, Murzayeva Dina. Contact pages: istoria1projecta and our.project.body.
They managed to harmoniously arrange a space of 800 m2, direct the viewer to the works of artists and express the main idea of the exhibition!
Text Anna Laza
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