Offprint Paris

There's such a cultural phenomenon in France to collect art-books and photoalbums: Frenchmen love rare editions so much that it sometimes comes down to a real hunt for books.

FotoSlovo also has attended Offprint Paris. It is an annual four-day long bookfair that takes place every November since 2010. During this event book lovers from all over the world gather at one place to present new album formats, non-commercial artist publications and new experiments in printing books.
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This year Offprint has brought together more than 170 publishers of contemporary art, photography and design within the walls of École nationale supérieure des Beaux-Arts at Bonaparte street.

Offprint event traditionally takes place in Paris and London and has already become popular enough to set up its own displaceable library and a bookshop.

Every artist wish to publish his photobook for sure. At Offprint you can meet publishers directly and fulfill your desire! At the same time book collectors themselves would definitely be able to find something interesting - the choice is incredibly diverse, while the prices are quite reasonable. Therefore, it is extremely important to have your ear to the ground in order to manage to buy something for you :)

Author Anna Laza
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