Maison Europeenne de la photographie. Paris

March 2020
If in our latitudes the first warm days do not come until April, then Paris in early March already pleases with warm spring weather. The French are actively interested in art, and it is not in vain that many Masters of photography come from here.

The popularity of photography among connoisseurs of beauty is so big that specialized exhibition halls are opening in many countries, where photographers present their work. Paris did not stay away from global trends and in 1996 the European House of Photography (Maison Europeenne de la photographie) opened its doors. The House is located in the center of Paris near the metro Hotel de Ville, street 82 rue Francois Miron. The Paris mayor provided the museum with the de Cantobre mansion, built during the reign of King Louis XIV, which adds a special charm to the museum.
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The main task of the House is to show all the versatility of the art of photography. Therefore, the expositions are arranged in such a way that visitors can get acquainted with different styles and genres, check the works of recognized Masters and discover new names in photography. Hence the very controversial selection of authors. But the specificity remains unchanged - photography of the 2nd half of the 20th century and the beginning of the 21st century.

The House consists of several floors and the March exhibition is dedicated to French photography with the most prestigious names: Sebeastiao Salgado, Raymond Depardon, Pierre et Gilles, Bettina Rheims, Jean-Christophe Ballot, Martine Barrat, Valérie Belin, Rossella Bellusci and many others.
The collection of the European House of Photography includes about 24 thousand prints, and the team of the exhibition center, in addition to promoting photographic art, is responsible for preserving the photographic heritage of the city of Paris. Anyone who is interested in photography and wants to see new trends should visit this cozy House.

In addition to exhibition halls, in the building of the European House of Photography there is an excellent store-library where you can look through exquisite albums and find something interesting to get inspired at home.
Author Anna Laza
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