David Uzochukwu

David was born in Austria in 1998, and now lives between Luxembourg and Brussels. At the age of 10 he began to photograph his mother on a simple camera, then started making a series of self-portraits. Unlike most teenagers spending time on MySpace or watching TV shows, David seriously took up his new passion and at his young age he already found his own artistic style and made a serious career in photography. At 16, he received the title EyeEm Photographer of the Year. And at 17 he made a commercial company for Nike with the participation of famous singer FKA Twigs.
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"Before, I was a boy who spoke with words, but then I discovered that a photograph can show something that cannot be conveyed in letters. Involuntarily I challenged myself - I decided to see if my pictures could become a real reflection of my imagination."

David created his own dramatic, dark, but poetic universe that is instantly recognizable. David continues to make self-portraits, photographs "stars" and is constantly growing and progressing. His photographs fully convey the feelings and emotions of the author, in which loneliness, melancholy and a sense of something indefinite are closely intertwined.

Last years David often photographs landscapes with silent models and of course autoportraits. He makes static staged photographs. What is important to him is telling stories, expressing himself, exploring the depths of his consciousness and letting the images heal wounds. David is actively photographing famous people, also he shoot the company for the world organization WWF.
"I consider strong photograph that one which is addictive. Images that are either strange, or strong, or so beautiful that I want to look at them again and again and keep being surprised",- genius photographer brought out such a formula for a good picture.
"I get inspiration from the world around me. Dreams, books, people, other people's experiences, movies, music, all this I try to convey in my works, creating worlds in which I would like to live. I come up with various stories related with emotions in all their manifestations. This is how the images are born, where either miracles or small tragedies come to life..." - says David about his work.
Many people, who are not 16, 17 and not 19, may think that if such young people succeed, means they won't succeed at their "senior" 30 or (put the age yourself) for sure. But to each one of us success comes at his own age! For example, at 18 David had a creativity crisis and for a year he didn't photograph anything at all..
It often happens that the genius' success is not stable. And the road with difficulties will overcome that one who is brave. Therefore, you should believe in yourself, try different things on your creativity path and look at the world through the camera lens only in a positive way :)
Author Anna Laza
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